Undergraduate Research Symposium Presenters

We are pleased to announce the presenters for the Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Symposium:

Eric Beckman, De Pauw University
“Museums and the Antiquities Market: A Role Analysis”
Faculty sponsor: Pedar Foss

John Manke, St. Olaf College
“P. Clodius Pulcher: The Man Who Should Have Been First”
Faculty sponsor: Timothy Howe

Chris Parmenter, Hamilton College
“Erga Megala: Exile as Personal Advancement in Herodotus”
Faculty sponsor: James B. Wells

Morgan Pittman, Rhodes College
“Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better: A Comparative Look at the Reigns of Augustus and Nero”
Faculty sponsor: David Sick

Caroline Vereen, Furman University
“The Character of Artemis Ephesia: The Patron Deity of Ephesus as a Fertility Goddess”
Faculty sponsor: Masa Culumovic

Read the abstracts and see the symposium program here.

The Center for Hellenic Studies will webcast the symposium on Saturday, March 27. More information is forthcoming.