Now in Session…Fall 2010 Sunoikisis Courses

Greetings! We are excited to announce that the Fall 2010 Sunoikisis courses in Greek and Latin begin this week of September 13.

Greek: 4th Century Literature- Oratory
Time: Mondays, 8 pm, Eastern Time. (September 13- November 15, 2010)

Course Description: This fall Greek 294/394 will focus on the forensic oratory in Athens as represented by the work of Lysias (ca. 445-ca. 380) and Demosthenes (384-322). The common sessions and secondary readings will explore how these readings reflect the legal, social, and political world of Athens in the late 5th and 4th centuries BCE. View the Syllabus

Latin: Literature from the Neronian Period
Wednesdays, 7 pm, Eastern Time. (September 15-November 17, 2010)
Course Description: Making extensive use of the latest electronic resources available, this course will focus on the literature of the age of Nero, as well as the social, cultural, and political milieu in which it flourished. Primary readings include selections works of Seneca, Petronius and Lucan. This course is specifically designed for advanced students and will include a rigorous study of the cultural and historical context during the Late Roman Republic. All components of this course have been devised to help students become familiar with current interpretative approaches to original material, to build facility in reading Latin, and to develop skills in various methods of communication.  View the Syllabus

About Sunoikisis Courses:
Sunoikisis courses are  inter-institutional, team-taught literature courses makes creative use of technology to connect institutions. The use of video conferencing, chat, and online course management software enable the participation of students and faculty from throughout the country. Students will participate in a weekly collaborative class session with students and faculty from other institutions via Elluminate video-conferencing technology. These sessions will include live broadcast lectures by participating faculty, with live question and answer opportunities. The courses are offered for credit at the participating institutions but are also open to students of all ages and levels.

Each course consists of several elements: readings, online discussion, online common session, and meeting with a campus tutor. Readings and asynchronous online discussion precede and prepare for the weekly online common session. Local faculty and students also arrange meetings on individual campuses. Read more about Sunoikisis courses here.

Want to take a course?
If you have any questions or if you would like to participate in a Sunoikisis course, but you are not a student at a participating institution, please contact us at