Blog about Classics!

Help expand the Sunoikisis website!

The goal is to make the site both informative to those of us who know about Sunoikisis, yet accessible to the general public audience who may or may have a background in classics.

One of the ways we hope to expand the audience of the website is to have regular blog postings on main page.
That’s where we can use your help in generating new and fresh content!

Some topics that you may think about blogging on are:

1) Books/TV/Film reviews : Seen or read any great (or not so great) books, movies or  TV shows relating to classics? Share your opinions, rant or rave with fellow classicists.
2) Sunoikisis course work:
Your best and most interesting response paper/ discussions in your Sunoikisis course.
3) Classics-related programs on your campus:
(eg) a theatre production of Aristophanes, Euripides etc.
4) Classics news: Read and interesting article about a topic related to Classics? Share it with others through a quick blog post.
5) Travels abroad: Photos of sites visited, people met etc.
6) Creative works relating to classics:
(eg) you wrote some epigrams, lyric poetry, the next great epic poetry, or sculpted a bust of Nero, painted scenes from the Odyssey etc.

But these are just ideas–feel free to write a post about Classics that may not fall into those categories

So if you have some free time, send your posts to