Why Aspiring Spies Should Study Classics

We here at the CHS are always thinking about how Classics students can apply their major to other fields of interest. This article from The Atlantic may be of interest to those who have secret desires to be James Bond…

I’ve already suggested here that recent humanities graduates are as satisfied (or no more dissatisfied) with their careers than students with more evidently marketable fields of study.

But just what is practical? Consider classics, which was the first academic field challenged by the search for relevance, over 100 years ago, when Harvard’s loosening and eventual abolition of its Greek admissions requirement provoked an academic scandal.

Maybe the university’s critics were on to something. In England at least, the tradition of the classically educated spy is alive and well. A good agent, especially today, needs a deep understanding of other cultures that requires immersion in their sources.  [Continue reading….]