Book Review: The First Man of Rome

I would definitely recommend The First Man in Rome by Colleen McCullough as a good read to anybody passionate about Roman history and, furthermore, to everyone working in the government as a representative of the people, whether it be our Representatives and Senators, or President Obama himself. I believe it would provide a valuable source of inspiration as to the potential of what our country can achieve, provided our leaders choose to work together rather than against one another. This book tells a vivid story of how two men served in the Senate in ancient Rome. There is no way to know with certainty what the personal dynamics between Senators of this time were, or exactly what their family lives were like.

Action Athena Week #3

Bringing brownies has made Athena the student workers’ favorite library supervisor. But Athena soon learns that while the students may like her brownies, they don’t always respect their supervisor. This week, one of her students challenges her to a…knitting contest? About the Sunoikisis’ Action Athena Webcomic Series: “Action Athena” is created and drawn by Athena … Read moreAction Athena Week #3