Introducing… Action Athena

Today is the premiere of Sunoikisis comic strip starring “Action Athena”!  After today, the Sunoikisis blog will be updated every Monday with a new strip chronicling the adventures of the Goddess Athena. Athena is filled with skills Wisdom and War, but when she is forced find a job, she realizes that getting by in “real world,” is a bit tougher than she imagined…

Read Week #1 of Sunoikisis Action Athena comic strip now!

About the Sunoikisis’ Action Athena Webcomic Series:

Action Athena” is created and drawn by Athena Currier. Each week the series features a re-imagination of Athena myths–and influenced by a bit of her own life experiences. On her ideas behind the series, Athena comments:

“As a recent college graduate, I have already found myself laughing (often with irony) at the ways a liberal arts degree plays out in the post-college “real world.” I’ve been working as both a barista, and an evening supervisor at the Carleton College Library. There are times when my Hampshire College degree, with its emphasis on equality and social justice, feels like a burden, or something that has little place in my current day-to-day life (for example: a sexist boss I’m afraid to talk back to for fear of losing my job, customers who call me “sweetheart,” customers who assume I’m a dumb townie who never went to college, etc.). Sometimes I wonder about the wisdom (eh? Goddess Athena?) of getting this kind of a degree at all: wouldn’t I have better off just studying medicine, or computer science or something? And yet I am very grateful for my degree, and for being the liberal arts/humanities/artist kind of person I am.”
About Athena: Athena Currier enjoys eavesdropping, note taking, and panning YouTube for gold. She is a staunch defender of bad taste. She grew up in Northfield, Minnesota (the town where Jesse James could not rob the bank), and received a B.A. from Hampshire College (which is actually in Massachusetts, not New Hampshire). Her webcomic, Action Athena, updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Visit her website and read more of her work at