Maymester in Greece 2012

Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens

Together with the Sunoikisis Consortium, the Center for Hellenic Studies is offering the opportunity to participate in a rigorous travel-study program during the months of May and June. Through visits to archaeological sites and museums and through analysis of material culture, students will learn about the Ancient Greek world from the Neolithic Age to the Roman Empire. Professors Jeannine Uzzi (University of Southern Maine) and David Carlisle (Washington & Lee University) will lead the trip, along with Elizabeth Mitchell (Harvard University).

When: May 22-June 12, 2012. Participants will meet in Athens for a flight to Santorini on May 22.


Estimated Rate:

$4100.00 Program Fee

The rate are subject to change upon increase/decrease of the EUR to the USD prior to time of final payment.

An initial deposit of $500.00 is due February 20, 2011.
The remainder of the cost will be due March 20, 2011.

*Rates do not include airfare to/from US and Greece.

Click here for a PDF of the estimated trip budget.


The Center for Hellenic Studies will accept applications on a rolling basis and undergraduate students will have priority, but all are welcome to apply. Enrollment will be limited to 35 participants.

The application will call for a PDF of your transcript or your CV and contact information for 2 references. The Center will contact your references and have them fill out an online questionnaire.

Additional Information

Travelers will make their own flight arrangements to and from Athens, Greece.  The group will meet on Tuesday, May 22 at the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airtport for the flight to Santorini.

Arrangements Include:

  • Accommodations in first class hotels with private bathrooms and air-conditioning
  • Daily breakfast buffet
  • Sixteen (16) group dinners
  • Transportation within the country
  • Transportation to and from the airport.

*Unless otherwise noted, rates are based on double-room accommodations. For an additional fee, single-room accommodations are available. Please let us know via e-mail if you would like a single supplement after you apply.


If you have questions, please contact us via Contact form.

Preliminary Itinerary:

For the syllabus of the 2012 trip, please click here.

May 22: Arrival.

Participants will meet at the Athens airport for a flight to Santorini.

May 22-24: Santorini.

Participants will meet at the Athens airport for a flight to Santorini on May 22. The island is famous for its volcanic eruption in 1625 BCE . We will visit the ancient site of Thira, the Prehistoric Museum, and Akrotiri.

Phaistos, Crete

May 25-27: Crete.

On May 22, we will travel to the island of Crete. While in Crete, students will visit ancient Minoan administrative centers, including Knossos and Phaistos.

May 28-31: Nafplion and the Argolid

On Sunday, May 27, the group will journey via overnight ferry to Piraeus and then take a bus to Nafplion, the first capital of Greece after it gained independence from the Ottoman Empire. On the way, the group will stop at the Mycenaean site, Tiryns, and the early Bronze Age site, Lerna.

From Nafplion, we will travel to Mycenae, a powerful Bronze Age center, and the ancient city ofCorinth. We will also visit Nemea, the site of one of the major Pan-Hellenic festivals.

Pylos at sunrise

June 1-2: Mystras, Sparta, Pylos. 

On June 1, participants will retrace Telemachos’ journey as described in the Odyssey from Sparta to Pylos.

June 2-3: Olympia.

Next on our journey is Olympia, the site of the first Olympic games. We will also visit the Archaeological Museum.

June 4: Arachova, Delphi. 

On Monday, June 4, we will journey towards central Greece. We will cross the Corinthian Gulf and continue through the town of Nafpaktos. From there we will go to Delphi, the home of the oracle to Apollo nestled on the side of Mt. Parnassus.

June 5-8: Athens.

Thursday, June 7, we will depart for Athens. We will visit the Agora, where Socrates engaged Athenians in philosophical conversation, and the Agora Museum. We will also visit the National Archaeological Museum, and the Acropolis.

Temple of Poseidon, Sunion

June 9-10: Marathon, Sunion, Eleusis. 

Marathon, Sounion, and Eleusis are all short day trips from Athens.  At Sunion, we will visit the picturesque temple of Poseidon. Eleusis is the site of the Eleusinian Mysteries based on the legend of Demeter and Persephone.

June 11: Athens. Students will have a free day in Athens.

June 12: Departures.