Undergraduate Research Symposium

Every April, students present papers on their research on ancient Greece and Rome, as well as the classical tradition. A committee of scholars reviews the abstracts. This symposium provides students the opportunity to present their advanced research at a national professional meeting and to interact with their peers and faculty. 2012 Symposium The Sunoikisis Undergraduate … Read moreUndergraduate Research Symposium

Athens, τὸ κλεινὸν ἄστυ

(J-term Trip Highlights Part 5 of 5) Athens is a city of contradictions: its exquisite ruins, sublime metro, sophisticated nightlife, its graffiti, grime, and packs of wild dogs. I’d been to the “glorious city” once before in March 2009, not long after some riots. On this visit, the city seemed quieter, calmer, less crowded, probably the … Read moreAthens, τὸ κλεινὸν ἄστυ