2012 Greek Course Development Seminar

Greetings! We would like to extend a thank you to all who participated in this year’s Sunoikisis Faculty Development Seminar. We had an excellent turn out and productive discussions during the Sunoikisis Faculty Development Greek Seminar. This would not have been possible without the engagement of our dedicated participants.

From June 15-18 eleven professors gathered to create a syllabus for a course on Homeric poetry. They held several discussions focusing on both the foundational scholarship and the current scholarship about Homer and the Iliad. Among the scholars read were Parry, Lord, Nagy, and Martin. Topics included structure, genre, language, religion, audience, and performance. The professors emphasized the importance of finding appropriate scholarship for the undergraduate students who would be taking the course in the fall, but they also expanded their own understanding through the lively discussions of the literature. By the end of the seminar the professors had formulated a schedule based around particular topics in the Iliad.

Students in the Homeric Poetry course this fall will read excerpts of the Iliad in the original Greek as well as the entire work in translation. Each week there will also be common sessions for all participating institutions on Thursdays 7:00-8:00 P.M. (EST) via Multipoint Interactive Videoconferencing (MIV). These common sessions will feature discussions conducted by each participating professor and will utilize the secondary scholarship from the development seminar.

We would like to thank especially Prof. Richard Martin from Stanford University for graciously acting as the course consultant for this year’s Homeric Poetry course as well as Dr. Ryan Fowler, our CHS Sunoikisis Fellow in Curricular Development, who directed the Greek course development seminar. We also had the pleasure of having Dr. Gregory Nagy, the director of the Center for Hellenic Studies and professor at Harvard University, and Dr. Kenny Morrell, the director for the CHS Outreach and professor at Rhodes College, sit in on some of the Greek planning sessions.

In attendance were Prof. David Carlisle (Cornell College), Dr. Ryan Fowler (CHS Sunoikisis Fellow in Curricular Development), Prof. Hal Haskell (Southwestern University), Prof. Nigel Nicholson (Reed College), Prof. Arum Park (Brigham Young University), Danilo Piana (Johns Hopkins University), Prof. Richard Martin (Stanford University), Prof. Brett Rogers (University of Puget Sound), Prof. Joseph Romero (University of Mary Washington), Prof. Holly Sypniewski (Millsaps College), and Prof. Heather Vincent (Eckerd College).

If you are interested in participating in the Homeric Poetry course this fall but are not a student in a participating institution, please contact us.

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