Live Webcast: Undergraduate Research Symposium

On December 1, 2012, watch a live webcast featuring presentations by undergraduates from around the country. The webcast is viewable at rtsp:// via VLCRealPlayer, or Quicktime. A chat window will be available for viewers to ask questions and make comments.

11:00 am, Session 1

“From ‘Oedipus’ to ‘Incendies’”
Erin Williams, Howard University

“Battle Sarcophagi in Ancient Rome: An Explanation for the Visual Differences Present in the Alexander, Portonaccio, Achilles and Penthesilea, and Ludovisi Sarcophagi”
Amelia Eichengreen, Bryn Mawr College

“The Iconography of a Pseudo-Panathenaic Amphora by the Nikoxenos Painter”
Robert Miller, The University of Mississippi

“The Bridge from Heaven to Helen: Reconciling the Divine and Human Forms of Helen”
William Shrout, Trinity University

2:00 pm, Session 2

“Laughing at the Present: An Examination of Nostalgia in Aristophanes’ Frogs
Brian Credo, University of Notre Dame

“Social Responses to Female Agricultural Ritual and ‘Aischrologia’”
Erik Shell, University of Maryland – College Park

“A Reexamination of Demosthenes’ Opposition to the Macedonians”
Gregory Callaghan, College of William & Mary

“Fantasy over Fact: An Inquiry into The Greek Alexander Romance and the Role of Memory”
Audrey Lorberfeld, Reed College

4:00 pm, Session 3: Research on manuscripts of the Homer Multitext project

“How were the physical pages of a manuscript produced and bound?  Identifying quire divisions in three unpublished manuscripts”
Melissa Browne, Holy Cross
Stephanie Lindeborg, Holy Cross

“How were text and commentary organized and laid out?  Examples from the Venetus A manuscript”
Sean Bonawitz, Furman University
Nikolas Churik, Holy Cross

“Further examples from Escorial Upsilon 1.1”
Brian Clark, Holy Cross
Becky Musgrave, Holy Cross

“How were scholarly notes, or scholia, edited?  Sources and working methods of the Venetus A scholiast”
Matt Angiollilo, Holy Cross
Tom Arralde, Holy Cross