The Erasmus Academy Summer Language Program

Our friends at the erasums academy asked us to share information about their Summer Language Program…

This summer the Erasmus Academy is offering intensive, 8-week “rapid reading” courses in French, German, Spanish, classical Latin, classical Greek, Biblical Hebrew, NT Greek, and Mandarin Chinese. These are designed for graduate and college students in all areas of the arts and sciences who are preparing for language proficiency exams in master and doctoral programs, or who need to learn a language for research purposes. The focus is on reading and translation. The classes presume no knowledge of the language and cover the equivalent of a college year of instruction in eight weeks. Upon completion of the course, the students should be in a position to pass a proficiency exam and to read scholarly prose in the language.

Description | Syllabus | Enrollment Form [PDFs]

When: May 20 – July 11, 2013

Application Deadline: May 10, 2013

Objective: to reach an intermediate reading level in the language.

Requirements: No previous language knowledge required. To participate, students must have internet access.

Time commitment: 30 hrs/week, presuming 4 hours of outside preparation for every hour in class.
48 hours of instruction approximate 4 semester hours.

Course Fee: $800.00

See the Erasmus Academy website for more information.