2013 Spring Research Symposium Schedule

On Saturday, April 27, 2013, eight undergraduates will present their research to an audience of faculty, students, fellows, and senior fellows at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, DC.

Join us online for the live webcast, available at rtsp://stream.chs.harvard.edu/HouseA and viewable with VLCRealPlayer, or Quicktime.

All times below are Eastern Daylight Time. The titles of the presentations are subject to change. The abstracts are available on the Sunoikisis website. The students’ papers and videos of their presentations will be available afterward.

Session 1, 11:00 am

“Interpreting the VMFA’s Düver Terracottas”
Janelle Sadarananda, University of Richmond

“An Osteological and Historical Study of Three Roman Funerary Urns at the Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum Collection”
Monika Lay, Johns Hopkins University

“Matriarchal Marketing: The Emperor, The Empress, and The Army”
Jenni Royce, University of South Florida

“Faction Politics and the Transfer of Power at the Accession of Marcian (450 C.E.)”
Walter Beers, University of Richmond

Session 2, 2:00 pm

“Nothing in Excess: Religious Moderation in Euripides’ Bacchae”
Kristen Roper, College of William and Mary

“Dike, and the Lack of It: The Roles of the Erinyes and of Apollo in the House of Laius and the House of Atreus in the Tragic Plays of Aeschylus, Euripides and Sophocles”
Sarah Choudhury, Harvard University

“Harming Your Friends to Harm Your Enemies: Reading Achilles in Euripides’ Medea”
Florencia Foxley, Haverford College

“Narrative Structure in Pliny’s Epistulae: Letter 9.14 and the amicitia-arc
Rachel Thomas, Ohio University