Rethink higher education to exploit digital platforms (T.H.E.)

Rethink higher education to exploit digital platforms (T.H.E.)

From Times Higher Education:

David Roberts and Blaine Greteman’s guide to a more universal university.

“‘Even the most innovative Mooc platforms, however, typically remain conservative: they take an existing university model and stream it online. Thus, despite all the hype, the most representative development may be the recent announcement that major universities in nine US states will join Coursera ‘to see how well they can use its software to offer traditional for-credit online classes’.

“Cue freak-outs by tenured faculty on the one hand and celebrations by arrogant tech visionaries on the other.”

But both may be in the wrong:

“Cloud U students could define their own educational paths, deciding what and how they want to learn by purchasing individual courses via an iTunes-like portal, with formats ranging from large, multilayered affairs with online lectures, interactive tutorials and chat sessions to microclasses that would quickly teach very specific skills.

“Decentralised ‘education villages’ would cater to its international student body, building more traditional social networks to complement those established virtually and cultivating skills that are hard to develop online.”

This solution would combine face-to-face contact, as well as online tutorials and video.


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