MOOCs Killing Lectures at Duke? (T.A.I.)

September 2, 2013

Duke University’s first year MOOC offerings through the Coursera platform have been successful, attracting over 725,000 students from all across the world. And though Duke is enthusiastic to continue its experiments with online-only courses, the really interesting outgrowths of its success are the changes coming down the pike for Duke’s resident, paying students: after their largely positive experience with Coursera, professors are beginning to think out of the box and to adapt some very MOOC-like features for their traditional courses.”

From Information Week:

“You can have these fun activities in the classroom when you’re not wasting the classroom time with the lectures,” he said. Neta is also moving away from in-class lectures.

An interesting note in the post is that MOOCs (vel sim.) might be an improvement over 300-400 student auditorium lectures (which are of course very common in large-to-medium universities).


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