‘Hacking’ and ‘Yacking’ About the Digital Humanities

‘Hacking’ and ‘Yacking’ About the Digital Humanities

September 3, 2013

DH scholars will, increasingly, be ‘working in packs’ and chasing down bigger topics

The conference of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations is an international event that attracts the most prominent figures in the field—along with a large and growing number of relative newcomers—to showcase projects and offer critiques, usually at the same time, demonstrating the inseparable nature of practice and theory that DH insiders call ‘hack’ and ‘yack.‘”


“Based on this year’s meeting, Walter predicts that, increasingly, ‘humanities scholars are going to be chasing down bigger topics by working in packs,’ and that academic culture will accept new forms of scholarship, particularly work that reaches across institutional lines and seeks to connect with the public. Price observed that the spread of DH is ‘remaking the power dynamics of faculty, students, and alternative academics.'”

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