When Your Hired Guns Are Hacks: Big Thinkers on HigherEd (tressiemc)

September 4, 2013

by tressiemc22.

Where are the big thinkers on higher education?

Where are our theorists? Our empiricists? Our cultural critics?

A few have blogs where incredible, valuable work does not get the reach it deserves. Others have important platforms with niche publications. Yet, national media is largely defining the parameters for general debate about higher education. And national media is largely giving us content when we need and deserve good writing and clear thinking.”


“A quick survey of writers of popular higher education writings on national platforms reveal only two with professional academic training. They are both renowned economists. And, don’t get me started on higher education being treated largely as a market. Still, their contributions count. However, two economists do not a thriving intellectual debate about higher education make.”

About Ryan C. Fowler

Ryan is a curricular fellow at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington D.C. He also teaches at Franklin and Marshall College and Lancaster Theological Seminary.
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