MOOC Newcomer Offers Online Business Courses Taught by Pros, Not Profs (Bloomberg)

MOOC Newcomer Offers Online Business Courses Taught by Pros, Not Profs (Bloomberg)

By Francesca Di Meglio

August 16, 2013

Nowadays you can go back to school without leaving your living room (or getting out of your pajamas), and new online education providers crop up everyday. One of them, an upstart from Russia called, is focusing on the BRIC markets (Brazil, Russia, India, China) with a model that features business courses taught mostly by real-world practitioners.

Instructors are a big draw, says Masolova, 28. In the most popular course, Natasha Zagvozdina, a former managing director at Renaissance Capital, builds a financial model, line by line, using an Excel spreadsheet. Serial entrepreneur Peter Kutis teaches a course on taking a business from startup to $400 million in gross sales in 18 months. Dominic Houlder, a manager at Boston Consulting Group before becoming an adjunct professor at London Business School, offers instruction on Strategy for Stormy Times. And Arie Kravtchin, head of equity capital markets in Russia for Bank of America (BAC)’s Merrill Lynch unit, will soon be teaching Roadmap to Successful IPO.


Masolova says the company is in talks with several companies interested in buying licenses for employees, but a deal hasn’t been struck yet. While Eduson is earning money, Masolova says the goal is to become operationally profitable by year’s end.

Now *this* seems more like what might happen; the important prof- here is profitable.

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