MOOC Targets Needs of K-12 Teachers and Students (EdWeek)

MOOC Targets Needs of K-12 Teachers and Students (EdWeek)

By Michelle Davis

October 16, 2013 2:11 PM

While Massive Open Online Courses, commonly known as MOOCs, may be all the rage at the higher-education level, the trend has been slow to make its way into the K-12 arena.

But MOOCs are gradually showing up on the K-12 landscape. Michigan Virtual University and Kent State University recently launched a MOOC aimed at high school students interested in becoming teachers, higher education students currently studying to be teachers, and educators themselves.

The course, “K-12 Teaching in the 21st Century,” focuses on what it means to be a teacher in today’s technologically-oriented schools. It delves into strategies for using technology in online and blended settings and it covers how to use digital tools to enhance learning. The course is free and though there are some ways participants might get credit for completing it (K-12 students may be able to use it to fulfill Michigan’s high school online learning requirement, for example), the real goal is to get people passionate about the topic to learn more and collaborate, said Jamey Fitzpatrick, the president and CEO of Michigan Virtual University.

I am not convinced of the advantage of MOOCs for college “remedial courses,” but their benefit as background information for incoming college students seems interesting.

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