Academics to Udacity Founder: Told Ya (Chronicle)

In a new magazine profile of Sebastian Thrun, the Udacity founder calls his company’s massive open online courses a “lousy product” to use for educating underprepared college students. That assertion has prompted a chorus of I-told-you-sos from his critics in academe. In interviews for the Fast Company profile, Mr. Thrun reflected on the discouraging results of an … Read moreAcademics to Udacity Founder: Told Ya (Chronicle)

Massive Open Online Courses (AACU)

The authors of this issue’s featured articles take a hard look at the phenomenon of the MOOC, the hype surrounding it, and its relation to the aims and purposes of both liberal learning and democratic education. Other authors provide a critique of competency-based education, take stock of the achievements and shortcomings of European educational reform … Read moreMassive Open Online Courses (AACU)

Live Webcast: Undergraduate Research Symposium

Join us on Saturday, December 7 for a live webcast of the Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Symposium. The stream will be available at rtsp://, viewable with VLC Media Player or Quicktime. To connect via VLC, go to “File”>”Open Network” and past the link into the URL field. For Quicktime, go to “File”>”Open URL” and paste in the link. Session 1, 2:00pm-3:30pm (EST) … Read moreLive Webcast: Undergraduate Research Symposium

The King of MOOCs Abdicates the Throne (Slate)

By Rebecca Schuman Sebastian Thrun and Udacity’s “pivot” toward corporate training. Sebastian Thrun, godfather of the massive open online course, has quietly spread a plastic tarp on the floor, nudged his most famous educational invention into the center, and is about to pull the trigger. Thrun—former Stanford superprofessor, Silicon Valley demigod, and now CEO of … Read moreThe King of MOOCs Abdicates the Throne (Slate)

The MOOC Evolution (The Weekly Wonk)

By Anya Kamenetz Time zones away from the quads of Cambridge and Palo Alto, there’s a curious educational evolution happening. Though the modern massive open online course movement (MOOCs) originated in North America, two-thirds of their users live abroad – in places like Rwanda, China and Brazil. Foreign users are adapting the courses produced at … Read moreThe MOOC Evolution (The Weekly Wonk)