A Truce on the Tech Front at San Jose State (Chronicle)

Peter J. Hadreas is tapping his knuckles on the desk again. He was a jazz pianist before he was a philosophy professor here, and it’s hard to tell if the tapping is an unconscious tic or a rhetorical technique, but he does it every so often when he is focusing very hard on what he is saying and wants you to do the same.

“To have somebody in front of you whom you really believe is going to try to find the truth of things even if it goes against the group—to see somebody like that is as powerful as learning what ad hominem and half-fallacies are,” he tells us. “I don’t think the screen can do that.”

Mr. Hadreas, meanwhile, praises Mr. Ghadiri’s dedication to finding ways to be innovative on his own terms. “I really do respect the experimentation that you’re doing, and all the work that you’re putting into finding the best way to work it,” he says, tapping the table emphatically with his knuckles. “It all seems very valuable.”

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Ryan is a curricular fellow at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington D.C. He also teaches at Franklin and Marshall College and Lancaster Theological Seminary.
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