The Death of American Universities (Jacobin)

by Noam Chomsky As universities move towards a corporate business model, precarity is being imposed by force. The following is an edited transcript (prepared by Robin J. Sowards) of remarks given by Noam Chomsky last month to a gathering of members and allies of the Adjunct Faculty Association of the United Steelworkers in Pittsburgh, Penn. … Read moreThe Death of American Universities (Jacobin)

The Former President of Yale Just Became CEO of a Hot Education Startup (Slate)

Article here. By Alison Griswold In major news for online education, Coursera announced Monday that former Yale University president Richard Levin will take the helm as chief executive in mid-April. It’s a big endorsement from a traditional educator for the California-based online courses provider. Coursera is just two years old but has already upended conventional notions … Read moreThe Former President of Yale Just Became CEO of a Hot Education Startup (Slate)

Live Webcast: Undergraduate Research Symposium

Join us on Saturday, April 12 for a live webcast of the Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Symposium. The stream will be available at rtsp://, viewable with VLC Media Player or Quicktime. To connect via VLC, go to File > Open Network and paste the link into the URL field. For Quicktime, go to File > Open URL and paste in the link.

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Our Powers Combined (IHE)

March 19, 2014 By Carl Straumsheim In the face of mounting financial challenges, some small colleges are hoping that — together — they can be as innovative in the online education space as the big guys. The Council of Independent Colleges and the Teagle Foundation, which supports undergraduate education in arts and sciences, are among some … Read moreOur Powers Combined (IHE)

Online and Face-to-Face Education (IHE)

March 17, 2014 – 7:50pm Carole Browne and Jacquelyn Fetrow Many faculty fear that online teaching is incompatible with the liberal arts educational model, a model that focuses on small class sizes and the availability of faculty to interact with students outside of the classroom—a model which, when done well, has been demonstrated to produce … Read moreOnline and Face-to-Face Education (IHE)

The Revolution Is Not Being MOOC-ized (Slate)

By Gayle Christensen and Brandon Alcorn Students are educated, employed, and male. They promise equality of access to higher learning, but online courses will only succeed with better general education in place first, say two educationalists. A revolution in education has been promised with a little help from technology. Massive Open Online Courses are free, … Read moreThe Revolution Is Not Being MOOC-ized (Slate)