We’ve Got Game – Strategies for Building Gamification into Your Blended Classroom (The TLT Group)

Date: September 12, 2014
Time: 2:00-3:00 pm ET – free to all
Presenters: Stephen Kaufman & Jill Phipps from The University of Akron, Steve Gilbert, Beth Dailey, TLT Group and others


Gamification is a popular trend in the business world to reward customers for their loyalty and activities. It seems that everywhere you look, you are earning points, credit, or reputation based on your actions. Why do businesses do this? They want to create a sense of pride, achievement, and belonging for their customers. These intentions seem to parallel the same goals for higher education. We want our students to take pride in their work. We want them to demonstrate and share their achievements, and most importantly, we want them to feel a sense of belonging to a community.

The intention of gamification is not to turn your course into a game, but to reward and encourage behavior that is in line with achieving your learning objectives. We are already gamifying our classrooms through participation points. We reward students for raising their hands, contributing to conversations, and for demonstrating proficiency in subject matter. However, do these points only have to add up to a total score in the grade book? Or, could it lead to something more?

In this session, we will be discussing: – Strategies and ideas to integrate a sense gamification into your course – Promoting student engagement and active learning – Leveraging of existing social media platforms – Tying learning objectives to achievement badges – Utilizing gamification to motivate not only students, but faculty as well.


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