Will the Next Classroom Disruption Be in 3-D? Facebook’s Virtual-Reality Company Thinks So (Chronicle)

September 12, 2014 by 
[full interview here.]
College Park, Md. — Brendan Iribe dropped out of the University of Maryland here, but before he did he amassed 227 parking tickets. And he managed to meet two business partners who would help him build the virtual-reality company Oculus VR, whichFacebook bought this year for about $2-billion.

One of those parking tickets remains unpaid, but the university is likely to forgive it after Friday, when he gave $31-million to erect a computer-science building. That makes Mr. Iribe, who is 35 years old, the institution’s most generous donor ever.

In part to avoid parking rules and other pesky annoyances of the real world, Mr. Iribe is now one of the most hyperbolic pitchmen for a future in which people wear headsets and enter immersive virtual worlds. “It really is going to be transformative, maybe even be bigger than computers and everything that we’ve seen so far,” he said on Friday at an event where he signed away part of his newfound fortune.

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