Latin 392: Late Republic Literature — Week 2

Latin 392: Late Republic Literature — Week 2

On September 25, at 7 p.m. EDT, Sunoikisis will host the course Latin 392: Late Republic Literature via Google Hangouts. To watch the live broadcast, see the YouTube video below.

“Government and Politics”

Bryce Walker

Primary Readings

English: Cicero Ad Atticum 1.1.3-5, 1.2
Latin: Cicero Ad Atticum 1.1.1-2
D. R. Shackleton Bailey Commentary

Secondary Readings

Catherine Steel, “The Limits of Autocracy” and “The End of the Republic,” in The End of the Roman Republic 146 to 44 BC: Conquest and Crisis (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2013), 121-150.
John A. North, “The Constitution of the Roman Republic,” in A Companion to the Roman Republic, edited by Nathan Rosenstein and Robert Morstein-Marx (Oxford : Blackwell, 2006), 256-277.