Latin 392: Late Republic Literature — Week 10

On November 18, at 7 p.m. EDT, Sunoikisis will host the course Latin 392: Late Republic Literature via Google Hangouts. To watch the live broadcast, see the YouTube video below.

“Uses of the Past”

Ben Desmidt



Primary Readings: Latin (392): Sallust Cat. 51 (1024 words)
Latin (292): Sallust Cat. 51 from “Maiores nostri, patres conscripti…” (206 words); Cat. 52 from “Apud maiores nostros…” (206 words); Cat. 53 (187 words).
English: Sallust’s Catiline
Secondard Readings: D. S. Levene, “Sallust’s ‘Catiline’ and Cato the Censor,” Classical Quarterly 50 (2000): 170-191.


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