Teaching Online for Beginners (TOL4B .v3) Planning: December 17th 3:00 PM EST (TLT Group)

Teaching Online for Beginners (TOL4B .v3) Planning: December 17th 3:00 PM EST (TLT Group)

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Teaching Online for Beginners (TOL4B .v3) Planning
Date: December 17, 2014
Time: 3-4 pm ET
Presenters: Steve Gilbert, Beth Dailey, and others

We intend to build on the what we have learned from TOL4B1 & TOL4B2 as we work to build version #3 which will:

Engage very successful, experienced online teachers (e.g., panel of respondents to those who are just beginning…)
Help participants feel not afraid, guilty
Better prepared for moving forward teaching online
Not replacing offerings available from your own institution…
Offer/Encourage cohorts?
Below are some questions we are wrestling with:

Open to everyone?
Multiple paths?
Asynch resources accessible to everyone?
Fridaylive! Members Only
Designated Planners, Teachers, Learners


Institutional Subscribers

Individual Members

Individual Members “Plus-Ones”

Any Self-Identified Cohort

Requested Matched-by-TLTG Cohort

Common Schedule?

Hybrid/Blended vs. Purely Online?


F2F AND/OR Online

Entirely Asynch

Entirely Synch


Community, Interaction,Communication, Connection

Please consider joining and adding to our DIIGO Teaching Online for Beginners Repository
All TLT Group Members and subscribers are welcome to attend and participate. If you are not a member, please email sallygilbert@tltgroup.org or dailey@tltgroup.org if you would like an invitation to participate and attend.
More information and online registration: Members Exchange: Teaching Online for Beginners (TOL4B .v3) Planning: December 17th

Hope you can join us!

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