Tech Innovators 2015 (CHE)

Meet this year’s tech innovators — eight men and women who are helping to drive change through education technology (or, in one case, questioning that technology). This is the third time in recent years that The Chronicle has showcased creative efforts to solve problems — to enliven the classroom, cut instructional costs, recruit more women into computer science, keep students on track to graduate, conduct cutting-edge research, and more. As part of the selection process, we asked readers and higher-education leaders for suggestions. We were just as interested in a scrappy project on a shoestring budget as we were in a big-ticket outlay. We also considered leaders in various sectors, so you’ll meet a professor of the Harlem Renaissance, tech-company chief executives, a college president who paints on the side, and a registrar who’s looking out for struggling students. The final selections were made by a group of Chronicle editors and reporters.

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About Ryan C. Fowler

Ryan is a curricular fellow at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington D.C. He also teaches at Franklin and Marshall College and Lancaster Theological Seminary.
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