Upcoming Sunoikisis Course:  Leadership in the Ancient World (Fall 2016)

Upcoming Sunoikisis Course: Leadership in the Ancient World (Fall 2016)

AgamemnonMNATarantoIn the Fall of 2016, Sunoikisis will offer a course on leadership in the ancient world directed by Joel Christensen (UTSA) and Norman Sandridge (Howard University). This course will survey narratives about political leaders from the ancient Mediterranean and explore how other ‘leaders’ (e.g. philosophers, poets, priests, and disenfranchised members of society) may have shaped the goals and accomplishments of their communities. In addition, we will examine theories of leadership in authors such as Homer, Plato, and Xenophon and the theories of education that aimed to produce such leaders. With additional information from history, biography, and material culture (iconography), we will also consider larger cultural reflections on leadership and engage in a critical dialogue about whether the study of humanities, especially the ancient world, can contribute to the development of good leaders for our contemporary world.

As part of the design process Joel and Norman will host a roundtable discussion at the SCS annual meeting in San Francisco. Those who are unable to attend the discussion are welcome at the Sunoikisis reception to be hosted on Friday, January 8 at 7pm (location details forthcoming).

Finally, we invite any instructors or interested scholars who would like to collaborate with us by contributing course material or by offering a version of this course in the Fall of 2016 at their own institution to sign up for further notices about the planning and materials for this course. Please contact us at normansandridge@gmail.com and/or christensen.joel@gmail.com.