Open Review for Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities (CHE)

December 1, 2015


The MLA is publishing a collection of keywords on Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: Concepts, Models, and Experiments, which features curated sections on a variety of topics related to digital teaching methods. (I am on the advisory board for this collection.)

One of the interesting aspects of Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities is that the keywords are available for open peer review and public comment. This is being staged in batches, both as a sanity-preserving mechanism and to make sure each essay gets the attention it merits.

Yesterday, the editors released a fresh batch of keywords for review: Brian Croxall and Quinn Warnick on “Failure“; Virginia Kuhn on “Multimodal“; Chuck Rybak on “Poetry“; Jennifer Guiliano on “Professionalization“; Lynne Siemens on “Project Management“; Adeline Koh on “Race“; Alexis Lothian on “Sexuality“; and Natalie Houston on “Text Analysis.”

About Ryan C. Fowler

Ryan is a curricular fellow at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington D.C. He also teaches at Franklin and Marshall College and Lancaster Theological Seminary.
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