Seminar | Hellenistic Greek Literature 2016

Seminar | Hellenistic Greek Literature 2016

The Center for Hellenic Studies would like to express its deep gratitude to the participants in the 2016 Sunoikisis Greek Course Development Seminar. From Saturday, June 11th to Tuesday, June 14th, participating faculty members gathered at the CHS in order to develop an interinstitutional course on Hellenistic literature scheduled for this year’s fall semester. During their discussions, faculty designed a course syllabus tailored to advanced and intermediate students of Greek.

This year, twelve faculty members, including the course director, Bryce Walker, and course consultants, Andrej Petrovic (Durham University) and Ivana Petrovic (Durham University), took part in the seminar. In the opening session, faculty reviewed participant assessments from last year’s course on fourth century Greek literature and developed ways based on these assessments of improving the components of this year’s course. As in years past, the components of this year’s course comprise face-to-face language instruction at students’ home institutions, online prompts for student reflection on the readings and peer responses to these reflections, and live online common sessions in which key concepts are discussed by students and faculty.

Throughout the seminar, faculty made presentations on scholarly articles selected by the course consultants. These presentations provided participants with an overview of the important scholarship on the Hellenistic period and helped flesh out themes for the course and topics for discussion with students. Topics for discussion in this year’s course include powerful women in Ptolemaic Egypt, the nature of Greek colonialism in the Hellenistic empires, and the theories of aesthetics circulating among Hellenistic writers. With such topics in mind, faculty chose selections from Callimachus, Apollonius Rhodius, and Theocritus as primary source readings in Greek for this fall’s students.

Common sessions, in which students and faculty from all participating institutions will take part, will be streamed live for course participants. This fall, in addition to several common sessions led by faculty, a number of sessions will be student-driven. Common sessions will provide context for the primary source material and will also allow students and faculty to discuss any assigned secondary literature.

At the end of course, students will submit proposals for a research paper. Students are encouraged to enter these proposals for consideration for the 2017 Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Symposium (SURS), a workshopping seminar for original research composed by students and published in the Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Journal. Any undergraduate from an institution in the U.S. may apply to participate in the Symposium, although priority will be given to students participating in the interinstitutional Sunoikisis courses running in fall 2016.

The CHS extends special thanks to this year’s consultants for the Sunoikisis Greek course, Ivana Petrovic (Durham University) and Andrej Petrovic (Durham University), and to the CHS Sunoikisis Fellow in Curricular Development, Bryce Walker.

The following faculty attended the 2016 Sunoikisis Greek Course Development Seminar: Monica Berti (University of Leipzig), Jennifer Besse (Elizabethtown College and Millersville University), Patrick Burns (Institute for the Study of the Ancient World), Ben DeSmidt (Carthage College), John Esposito, Hal Haskell (Southwestern University), Lindsay Samson, Norman Sandridge (Howard University), and David Sick (Rhodes College).

If you are interested in participating in the Hellenistic Greek Literature course this fall but are not a student at a participating institution, or if you are a professor who wants to get involved with Sunoikisis, please contact us. Please also take a look at our list of frequently asked questions.

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Written by Douglas Hill

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