Seminar | Latin Imperial Literature 2016

Seminar | Latin Imperial Literature 2016

Thank you, on behalf of the Center for Hellenic Studies, to all the participants in the 2016 Sunoikisis Latin Course Development Seminar. The participants developed a course on the Latin literature of the Roman Empire, from the end of the 1st and beginning of the 2nd centuries CE. The seminar, which ran from June 16th to 19th, planned a course for students to take in the fall at colleges and universities around the country. The course will provide students with an engaging view at the depth and breadth of literature from this oftentimes tumultuous period of history.

The seminar began with a session on previous Sunoikisis Latin courses. A plan was made for the fall course to ensure it is the best course yet. Then faculty presented articles from the secondary literature about the period, which were selected by our consultant, Victoria Pagàn (University of Florida). These presentations gave the faculty the knowledge about the period that they needed to create the course. Subjects included the relationship between Tacitus and Pliny, portrayals of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in contemporary literature, and the role of motherhood in Imperial poetry. The participants also read broadly in the literature of the period, from such as Tacitus, Pliny the Younger, Statius, Juvenal, and Martial. Using ideas drawn from the primary literature and developed by the secondary literature, larger themes for the course were selected. Writing assignments for the students will be based on these course themes.

Students will read from Pliny, Martial, and Tacitus in the original Latin this fall. They will also read some of the secondary literature that the faculty reviewed during the seminar. They will prepare the Latin texts for traditional meetings at their home institutions, and also participate in an inter-institutional common session once a week. During these common sessions, professors from different institutions around the country will lecture on the topics they discussed at the Sunoikisis seminar.

Students’ writing assignments will culminate in an abstract for a research paper, which they are encouraged to present at the Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Seminar (SURS). SURS will be held in spring 2017 at the Center for Hellenic Studies. Submissions are welcome from students at any institution, but all Sunoikisis students are especially encouraged to participate.

We owe special thanks to Victoria Pagàn from the University of Florida, who was our course consultant for the seminar. She is an expert on Imperial literature, and we were fortunate to have her guidance both in terms of readings for the course, and also her experience in teaching literature from this period. In addition, we need to thank Bryce Walker of Dartmouth College, who is the course director and who led the seminar. His hard work before, during, and after the seminar makes this course possible.

The participating faculty in this seminar were: Jennifer Besse (Elizabethtown College and Millersville University), Patrick Burns (Institute for the Study of the Ancient World), Ben DeSmidt (Carthage College), John Esposito, Hal Haskell (Southwestern University), Kenny Morrell (Rhodes College), Victoria Pagàn (University of Florida), Lindsay Samson, Susan Satterfield (Rhodes College), Jeff Ulrich (University of Pennsylvania), Heather Waddell (Concordia College), and Bryce Walker (Center for Hellenic Studies Sunoikisis Fellow in Curricular Development).

Anyone who is not from at an institution offering Sunoikisis Latin this fall, but who would like to participate, is encouraged to contact us. Anyone would would like to become involved with Sunoikisis should see our FAQ.

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Written by Drew Latimer


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