A month of Sunoikisis

IMG_20160623_153005006_HDRI was fortunate enough to spend June at the Center for Hellenic Studies as an intern. I was part of a team helping with the Sunoikisis Course Development Seminars. It offered the opportunity to read primary and secondary sources about two periods I had never studied before – Hellenistic Literature and Roman Imperial Literature. Then I took lecture notes as faculty from around the country gave presentations about the readings we did. I basically took two Greek and Latin classes in the space of ten days, led by experts in the field. It was also enlightening to see the “behind the scenes” process of how language courses are designed. After that, I edited the video recordings of the lectures, made them into podcasts, and published them on the Sunoikisis website.

This internship was a great opportunity for my language, professional, and technological skills. I learned to read fragmentary texts while preparing Callimachus’ Aetia and Posidippus Lithika. I read Statius and Tacitus for the first time. Taking notes for the presentations was like attending lectures – I got about a semester’s worth of instruction spread out over the seminar. In addition, I had to present articles to the group, which helped to prepare me for conference presentations I may make in the future. And by watching the faculty present articles, I learned how they approach academic literature and how I should approach it more effectively in the future. After the seminar, while making the podcasts, I learned to use Adobe Final Cut Pro, which is an important tool that I had never gotten to use before.

For me, working at the CHS was most valuable because of the people I met. Not only are my coworkers great people whom I hope to work with again if we all stay in the field, but the faculty who came for the seminar were also friendly and helpful to me. I learned about many opportunities and programs I would never have heard about if I hadn’t come to the CHS this summer. As I prepare to apply to graduate school in the fall, this information is invaluable. I was able to gain firsthand insight about from people in many different stages of their academic careers, and I hope this will let me make better decision about my own goals than I would have otherwise. In short, I am glad that I was able to come to the CHS and grateful for the opportunities it has offered me.