CIC 2016 Internship Experience l Camila

IMG_7612I was so grateful to have the opportunity to be part of the Council for Independent College’s CIC Internship as only a sophomore.  During this short three-week session, I was able to study Herodotus’ Histories at a more in-depth level than I had in the past. The purpose of this seminar was to provide professors from different disciplines an expansion in their knowledge of Herodotus and the Greek world while also giving them ideas for how to incorporate this work into their future classes. I very much enjoyed interacting with these professors both inside and outside the seminar.

Being an intern for the CIC allowed me not only to learn more about Herodotus but also to be privy to the inner workings of the intellectual world. It was really amazing to see professors as not only role models who teach, but also humble students who are willing to learn. During the seminar, I took notes on the discussion in each session, which was led by a discussion team of three. Not only did I take notes, but also I provided my own observations and opinions regarding the primary and secondary readings that we read. Also, my fellow intern, Mainhia, and I helped lead three discussion sessions, which not only helped me engage in the material more but also boosted my confidence with speaking in front of a group. Having the professors be so supportive and appreciative of our involvement and contributions was a really great experience. Another part of my job was to make sure the livestream and recording was up and running for each of our sessions. The week after, I learned how to edit these recordings to make podcasts for public usage, which I had no knowledge of prior to this internship.

Being at the CHS for the CIC Internship offered me more opportunities than I had expected. Interacting with so many professors and the staff of the CHS gave me not only new connections, but new insights to different fields. I learned how to approach a text from the views of different disciplines and I gained experience in dealing with new technologies. This experience has strengthened my drive in pursuing a double major in Greek and Roman Studies and Music. Thanks to Greg Nagy, Kenny Morrell, Allie Marbry, Emily Kohut, Lanah Koelle, the participant professors and all of the CHS staff and interns for making my time at the CHS truly memorable and educational.

Written by Camila Zimmerman

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