CIC 2016 Internship Experience l Mainhia

CIC 2016 Internship Experience l Mainhia

IMG_7608I have been so blessed to intern at the Center for Hellenic Studies’ while they hosted the Council of Independent College’s (CIC) seminar on Herodotus. As a seminar intern, I was able to communicate with professionals from many academic concentrations, help ‘behind the scenes’ of the seminar, and work with a professional organization. Most importantly, I got the chance to learn more about ancient Greek history, which is extremely helpful for me in my studies. As an English (Creative Writing) major, I have not studied much Classics. However, reading Histories by Herodotus and secondary readings really opened up my interests towards Classics and how much of a mystery the ancient world still remains.

I am amazed at how large a person’s capacity to learn can be. Prior to this internship, I had the notion that all these professors must have been at an advanced level with Classics and heavily studied in regards to Herodotus. I realized, however, that a majority of these professors came in with a similar level of knowledge on the subject coupled with a willingness to open their minds and broaden their interests on the subject. However, the joy of this was seeing amazing a group of people from different walks of life come together to talk about Herodotus. Watching the faculty present made me more confident in freedom of expression. In addition, the seminar included interns’ perspectives too by allowing us to participate and contribute to discussions. This is a constant reminder of how special the gift of learning really is.

The internship was also a great opportunity for me to develop my organizational, technological, and professional skills. Various tasks such as preparing room arrangements and meals, controlling technological equipment, managing the website, and notetaking during the seminar have helped me gain new experience. Also, after the seminar, I helped process videos and podcasts from sessions, which helped me develop new technological skills that will contribute to further teaching and research strategies.

This journey would not be possible without the support of many people. I would like to thank Allie Marbry, Lanah Koelle, Emily Kohut, Kenny Morrell, and Greg Nagy for guiding me along the way. I thank Debra Beilke for nominating and introducing me to this internship. I want to thank the Council of Independent Colleges for providing this opportunity as well. Lastly, I would like to thank the CHS staff and participating faculty for their insightful and motivational presences. Although I would love to come back as an intern, I would also hope to come back as a faculty member or fellow. Regardless, the CHS has made me open my eyes up to how big the world is, and how many opportunities are available out there in the world.

Written by Mainhia Moua