Enroll now | Leadership Course Tutorial Program

Enroll now | Leadership Course Tutorial Program

Herodotus in Translation

1*AOOIL2m95KexMTzG6WPFrgThis course will be offered on the campus of Howard University. Others may participate online through a tutorial program. During this inter-institutional, inter-disciplinary, and collaborative experience, students will participate in group discussions, contribute to online forums, and join in weekly online common sessions with all of the students and faculty.

The Tutorial Program

Students who are not enrolled at one of the participating institutions may take the course through the tutorial program, which will include:

  • Weekly, one-hour discussion groups with a tutor in a cohort of no more than five
  • Weekly, one-hour common sessions previously recorded, which feature faculty and students from participating colleges and universities
  • Access to the forums for faculty and students
  • Access to all course materials
  • An option of working one-on-one with a tutor on a project or topic of your choosing at a rate of $30 per hour

For more information about the tutorial program for independent learners, visit the Leadership Course Registration page.

For more information about the course, visit the course website.