Faculty Seminar | Classical Traditions in Science Fiction

Faculty Seminar | Classical Traditions in Science Fiction

Dates: June 5-6, 2017

Consultants: Brett Rogers (University of Puget Sound), Ben Stevens (Trinity University), and Jesse Weiner (Hamilton College)

Course Director: Norman Sandridge (Howard University)

This workshop is for faculty interested in developing and teaching a course on classical traditions in science fiction, with optional Digital Humanities component. Our purpose will be to introduce participants to key primary and secondary sources in the field, to engage in a syllabus-building workshop, and to organize the building of modules for teaching the course. Classical Traditions in Science Fiction will be offered as an inter-institutional Sunoikisis course in Fall 2017, open to any interested faculty.

Participants may either attend in person at the Center or ‘beam in’ via Skype. The seminar begins the morning of Monday, June 5 and ends mid-day Tuesday, June 6. Tuesday afternoon will be open for additional collaborative work or use of the Center’s library. In-person participants are responsible for securing their own accommodations. 

The deadline for registration is Friday, April 21, 2017.

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