Faculty Seminar | Ancient Science

Dates: June 7-June 13
Application Deadline: April 21, 2017

Course Consultant: Mark Schiefsky, Harvard University

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Each June, interested faculty gather at the Center for Hellenic Studies (CHS) in Washington, D.C.* to read and discuss relevant texts on a particular subject and develop an inter-institutional course for the following fall semester. The seminar this year will be the first of a series that will focus on the field of ancient science. We hope this course and those to follow will help our programs better position themselves to benefit from the emphasis on STEM fields at a number of institutions that participate in Sunoikisis.

We invite experts in the subject areas to participate in the seminars, inform the reading of primary source materials, guide the exploration of current themes and topics in those areas, and facilitate the creation of syllabi for the fall courses.

The consultant for Ancient Science 2017 is Mark Schiefsky, who holds a joint appointment in the Department of the History of Science and the Department of Classics at Harvard (http://scholar.harvard.edu/schiefsky) and who currently serves as a senior fellow at the CHS. The course-planning and faculty-development seminar this year aims to create a course in translation suited for students with or without a background in the ancient world and design ways for students of Latin and ancient Greek to read some of the texts in the original language.

The seminar will begin on Thursday, June 8, and conclude on Monday, June 12 (five days), with arrivals on Wednesday, June 7, and departures on Tuesday, June 13. As in past years, those who are actually offering the course will have priority.

*The CHS will provide housing and board. Participants or their sponsoring institutions will be responsible for the costs of travel to and from the CHS. All participants will receive a stipend of $750.