Intern-al Medicine

Intern-al Medicine

I was excited to join the Sunoikisis team this June with my background in both education and Classics, ready both to contribute and to learn.

As a Sunoikisis intern, it was my job to assist the faculty with the development of the Sunoikisis Ancient Medicine course. I was especially excited to participate in the construction of a new course, since I am pursuing a license and minor in Adolescent-Young Adult education to teach high school Latin (or Greek, should the fates look kindly upon me).

mikeMy duties included setting up and cleaning up after the proceedings, coordinating Google Hangouts for the faculty members attending remotely, and operating and monitoring the live stream and recordings of the sessions. Additionally, I assisted my co-intern, Rose Milnes (the Fastest Typist in the West and all-around good person), with taking notes. The professors encouraged and welcomed my undergraduate perspective in the discussions.

At my small liberal arts college, because I am the only person pursuing AYA licensure in Latin, I do not have the opportunity to collaborate with others to build lessons, units, or classes. Being able to observe that process, participate in discussions, and apply my training will help make me a better student and educator when I return to Wooster this fall.

My previous school year had unfortunately exposed me to a number of situations and people that left me feeling bitter and disillusioned with Classics. Almost immediately upon arriving, my spirit was reinvigorated by the passion, dedication, and brilliance of the staff, faculty, and my fellow interns

Thank you to Emily Kohut and Allie Marbry for their support, as well as all of the the faculty members for their respect and open-mindedness to my thoughts, opinions, and perspective. Thank you also to Drs. Matthew Broda and Chan-Sok Park for their guidance and recommendations.