CIC Internship Experience 2017 | Adam

I am immensely fortunate and grateful to have been given the opportunity to participate in this year’s Council of Independent Colleges’ (CIC) seminar, covering the topic of the Verbal Art of Plato as an intern at the Center for Hellenic Studies (CHS).  I was able to both assist the participants of the seminar with live … Read moreCIC Internship Experience 2017 | Adam

CIC Internship Experience 2017 | Jordan

Over the past two weeks, I received the terrific opportunity to serve as an intern for the Center for Hellenic Studies’ (CHS) faculty development seminar in conjunction with the Council for Independent Colleges (CIC), focusing on the Verbal Art of Plato. In preparation for the seminar, I had the chance read many of Plato’s works … Read moreCIC Internship Experience 2017 | Jordan