CIC Internship Experience 2017 | Jordan

Over the past two weeks, I received the terrific opportunity to serve as an intern for the Center for Hellenic Studies’ (CHS) faculty development seminar in conjunction with the Council for Independent Colleges (CIC), focusing on the Verbal Art of Plato. In preparation for the seminar, I had the chance read many of Plato’s works as well as other primary texts, including the works of some of Plato’s predecessors, such as Homer and Hesiod, as well as those nearer contemporaries of Plato, such as Gorgias and Euripides. During the seminar, I assisted in several capacities ranging from logistical duties, such as helping set up for the seminar and taking notes during the discussion, to participating in the discussion and interacting with the other participants both during and outside the seminar.

As a recent college graduate who is aspiring to one day be a college professor, serving as an intern for this seminar was a fruitful experience. I received the chance to experience what it is like to help operate a seminar, knowledge that I will hopefully be able to use in the future as a professor. I also had the opportunity to see professors interact and collaborate. As a student, it is rare to see the behind-the-scenes academic interaction of your professors, so I considered myself incredibly fortunate to witness this collaborative process. Finally, it was great to have a chance to interact with professors not as professors, but as peers and co-learners. Again, as a student, I did not receive many chances to experience that kind of relationship with my professors, so I consider this to be an excellent opportunity.

I would like to thank, first and foremost, Walker Cosgrove, one of my excellent history professors at Dordt College, for nominating me for this internship, as well as his encouragement throughout my time knowing him. I would also like to thank Allie Marbry for her guidance during the hiring and interview process and Emily Kohut for being our fearless leader throughout the course of our internship. I would also like to thank Greg Nagy and Kenny Morrell for their guidance and leadership during the seminar and their constant kindness and willingness to freely offer their advice and insight. I also would like to thank the participating professors for their insight they offered during the seminar, as well as outside of it. Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank my fellow interns, Adam Beckwith and Mark Krause, whom I have come to consider good friends and colleagues and who were excellent co-workers who added to the enjoyable and educational nature of this seminar.

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