Empowering Student Researchers | Inspiring Future Librarians

Information Fluency Workshop 2014 July 8th marked the beginning of the Center for Hellenic Studies’ second workshop on information fluency in classics. Each of the seminar’s sessions covered a different aspect of gathering and communicating information, including research strategies, critical assessment of sources, social media, and copyright. The students were also introduced to a variety … Read moreEmpowering Student Researchers | Inspiring Future Librarians

Seminar | Common Day

Between the planning seminars for the upcoming Literature of the Late Republic and Greek Comedy courses, the participants all gathered to discuss other aspects of the Sunoikisis program and innovations in online education. This common day was led by Dr. Ryan Fowler (CHS Sunoikisis Fellow in Curricular Development) and Prof. Kenny Morrell (Director of Fellowships … Read moreSeminar | Common Day