Ancient Medicine



This course covers ancient medicine with a focus on Classical texts.  However, we will examine Egyptian and Babylonian documents as vital components in the development of medical thought.  The content has been organized by theme into modules: The Gods and MedicinePhilosophy and Medicine, Experimentation and DiscoveryMedical PracticeHealth and Disease, and Medical Ethics.  Since this course will not move through material chronologically, here is a timeline to help you orient the texts.


This course is made up of 6 modules focusing on specific topics. Each module encompasses as topic within ancient medicine and has its own objectives and texts. There are readings that link modules throughout the course, however, instructors should feel free to move things around as they see fit. Modules can be applied to courses in a variety of ways. They can be used to frame an entire course, or they can be shortened or lengthened in order to apply focus where you would like. Find a description of each module here.




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