Herodotus Course Tutorial Program

Herodotus Course Tutorial Program

Herodot .jpgThis course will be offered on the campuses of Belmont Abbey College, Carthage College, Culver-Stockton, Howard University, Reinhardt University, Southwestern University, and the University of Findlay. Others may participate online through a tutorial program. During this inter-institutional, inter-disciplinary, and collaborative experience, students will participate in group discussions, contribute to online forums, and join in weekly online common sessions with all of the students and faculty.

The Tutorial Program

Students who are not enrolled at one of the participating institutions may take the course through the tutorial program, which will include:

  • Weekly, one-hour discussion groups with a tutor in a cohort of no more than five
  • Weekly, one-hour common sessions featuring faculty and students from participating colleges and universities
  • Access to the forums for faculty and students
  • Access to all course materials
  • An option of working one-on-one with a tutor on a project or topic of your choosing at a rate of $30 per hour

The weekly discussion groups with a tutor will be $125 for ten weeks (the length of the course) or $100 for the first six weeks with an option to continue the second half of the course for an additional $100. The format of the discussion groups will be flexible, and may be comprised of short lectures, open discussion, student reports, deeper analysis of texts, or performances. Lindsay Samson is managing tutorial payments. Once you have completed your registration form below, please send payment to her PayPal account.

The course materials provide up to seven hours of reading a week, however, participants can read as much or as little as they wish. If there is interest in a particular topic, the tutor can provide bibliography for further exploring a specific topic. The primary role of the tutor is to act as an informed guide, not a lecturer.

Once you have completed the registration form, please send payment to Lindsay Samson’s PayPal account.

Meet the Tutor

Lindsay Samson: She received her Ph.D in classics from the University of Iowa in 2013 and has contributed to several Sunoikisis courses (Medieval Latin, Late Republican Literature, and the Odyssey). She has also taught Latin and Greek at all levels, as well as courses in English such as Mythology, Greek Civilization, and Diseases and Disabilities in Classical Literature. Her research focuses on Theocritus and Hellenistic philosophy. Her other interests include the relationship between women and power in the ancient world. She notes: “My tutorials will have a dynamic format, responding to the interests and desired outcomes of each group. I will ask everyone to help move the conversation forward by sharing their impressions, giving brief reports on engaging aspects of the readings, or even assuming the personae of a characters to bring the readings to life. Our meetings will be flexible, but not without structure and guidance.”

Registration Form

Herodotus Course Registration Form
This course uses Google Hangouts as it's primary method of communication for lectures. Please provide a Google e-mail address.
Visit paypal.me/sunoikisisleadership to purchase your course option once you have submitted this form.