“How-to” Guide for Sunoikisis Courses

Sakai course management site

This site is where we will have multiple choice quizzes and also where grades will be posted. Announcements and other course resources, such as the slideshows from class, will be posted here as well.

Get Started

  • We will send you your login credentials via email.
  • To change your password from the default, go to My Workspace > Account > Modify Details. Please do not forget to change your password.

Google Hangout/YouTube

This is where we will meet for our online Common Sessions. We will host the Hangouts from the Sunoikisis Google+ page and the videos will be uploaded to the courses’ websites.

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WordPress Course Websites

These sites are where students will share their written work.  The weekly writing prompt will be posted here and this is where we will find the discussion threads–each group’s Initial Respondent writes about the prompt and the other members of the group responds to the initial post.  Links to the other platforms and other resources will be posted here as well.

Sunoikisis-Iliad: http://sunoikisis-iliad.chs.harvard.edu
Sunoikisis-Odyssey: http://sunoikisis-odyssey.chs.harvard.edu
Sunoikisis-Greek: http://sunoikisis-greek.chs.harvard.edu
Sunoikisis-Latin: http://sunoikisis-latin.chs.harvard.edu

Get Started

  • We will send you your login credentials via email. To log in, see the link at the bottom right of the site under “Users”.
  • Once you log in to the site, you should be at your profile page. To change your password from the default, scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter a new password. Please do not forget to change your password. To get back to the site, click the site title in the upper-left corner of the page.

Group Arrangement

For the Iliad and Odyssey courses, each participant is assigned to a group. On the week where your name is listed on the “Group Membership Chart,” you are the Initial Respondent for your group and you are to compose a 350-400 word post answering the writing prompt.  On the weeks you do not see your name and are not the Initial Respondent, you must compose two responses of 100-150 words each to the initial post.


Each week the Writing Prompt will be posted, starting the “forum topic” for the week.

Each group’s Initial Respondent for the week will post a 350-400 word response to that Writing Prompt. The remaining members of the group (those who are not Initial Respondents) then need to compose at least two responses (of at least 100 words) to the Initial Respondent’s post or to other member responses.

To create an Initial Post or to respond to a post, find your group’s forum and click on the writing prompt of the week. Be sure to post within the topic; do not create a new topic. If you are the Initial Respondent, to reply, select “reply” on the right-hand side of the Writing Prompt. If you are not the Initial Respondent, select “reply” on the right-hand side of the Initial Respondent’s post or a fellow group member’s post.

Email Notifications

You will begin receiving messages from no-reply(at)sakai.chs.harvard.edu. Please add this addres to your address book so that the messages do not go to your spam box.

If you wish to receive email alerts for assignments and announcements from the WordPress website, enter your email address on the right-hand sidebar of the front page. You will then receive an email from WordPress with a confirmation link.