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Writing Assignment – Week 2

Book Three (3.1-37) opens with a chiastic (ABBA) combination of four similes: Trojan troops (A), Greek troops (B), Menelaos (B), Alexandros (A).  How do those similes prepare us for the content of Book 3? In what ways might the similes help us connect the micro-narrative of book three to the macro-narrative of the poem?

NB: Initial posts should be 350-400 words; each reply should be around 100 words.

Writing Assignment – Week 1

Explain in your own words the speeches of Thersites (2.225 ff.), Odysseus (2.246 ff.), and Nestor (2.336 ff.). Focus on the content, style, and language of the speeches. Be sure to examine how the three speakers are characterized by looking at the vocabulary they use, what they say in their arguments, and how they say it. If the three speeches relate to one another, explain how precisely they are connected. Remember to let the smaller details (like vocabulary [e.g., choice of verbs and adjectives and epithets*] and tone) inform your understanding of the larger themes at play, and vice versa.
(*epithet: an adjective or descriptive phrase expressing a quality that is characteristic of the person or thing mentioned.)