Seminars and Workshops

The Information Literacy Workshop

3380033815_7dae44dda9_bEvery summer, the CHS offers a workshop for undergraduates on information literacy in the field of Classical Studies. All interns will participate in this workshop. Participants gain a broad understanding of the primary information resources in the field and the major trends in information science and academic publishing. Through work as individuals and as a team, they develop research guides for use by other undergraduates in a variety of academic contexts. Ultimately, the workshop provides students with the necessary background and skills to play a supportive role in the work of their departments and to help build cooperative relationships between faculty members and librarians.

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The Ephebe’s Journey Workshop

washington_dcThe Ephebe’s Journey weekend workshop will introduce students with an interest in civic participation and leadership to the basic features of one of the ancient world’s most lasting legacies, Athenian democracy as it was conceived and practiced in the fifth and fourth century BCE. All interns will participate in this workshop. As “ephebes”, or Greek youths on the cusp of becoming full citizens, participants will explore the historical, cultural, and economic forces that gave rise to Athenian democracy and also consider the attitudes that thinkers of the time had toward it and other competing forms of government. They will look at the most salient architectural remains of Athenian democracy, namely, the theater, the acropolis, and the marketplace. Participants will also examine the various modes of education that equipped Athenians to become citizens and leaders of their communities.

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