The Sunoikisis consortium has presented an undergraduate symposium nearly every year since 2003. Sunoikisis and the Center for Hellenic Studies (CHS) in Washington, D.C. invited students to present their research on ancient Greece and Rome, as well as the classical tradition. This symposium provided students the opportunity to showcase their advanced research at a national professional meeting and to interact with their peers and faculty. This event was webcast live and recorded. Students’ abstracts and papers from 2012 to the present can be found in the Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Journal archives on this website.

Textual and Performative Multiforms

The essays by the contributors along with the comments by the online audience constitute the textual discourses. During the Symposium, each of the authors will have 30 minutes to present the ideas from their essays and attend questions from the audience. These presentations, along with the comments of the audience will represent the performative discourse. Both textual and performative versions will be available in the e-journal and live in the digital medium as complementary multiforms of the same ideas. The authors and online audience can continue contributing further comments and annotations to both versions of the discourses.

2018 Journal (Volume 6)

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