Abstract – From the Ground Up: Archaeology and Landscape in the Xanthos Watershed

Kristin Otto and Genevieve Flynn, DePauw University
Faculty mentor: Pedar Foss

During the summer of 2013, Kristin Otto and Genevieve Flynn, students from DePauw University, accompanied classical studies professor Pedar Foss on a teaching and learning mission to the Lycian region of Turkey to consider how the peoples in the ancient Xanthos River watershed interacted with and reacted to their surrounding landscape. At present, scholarship that focuses on the relationship between sites and landscapes in the region is limited. Prior to the trip, the students created a Google Map that held coordinates of known sites and features, providing a visual representation via satellite of the spectrum of sites in the valley. Once in Turkey, the students made observations on the relationship between sites and their landscape. The team annotated the Google Map, which created a preliminary visualization of the region’s lifeways. Based on our visit, we argue that it is necessary to understand the Xanthos watershed through a dialectical relationship between sites and landscapes. Our visit improved our understanding of the area, permitting us to brainstorm an AHRC-NSF grant proposal, From the Ground Up, that could investigate the flows and dams of people and resources throughout the Xanthos watershed. Such a grant would be a desktop exercise to utilize GIS technology to model carrying capacity, settlement density, population estimates, and energy costs within the region.

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