Elizabeth Grace Ridgeway

Nostalgia Inverted: The Golden Age Motif in Strepsiades’ Pre-Dramatic History K.J. Dover describes Aristophanes’ protagonists as figures of opposition who jeer against social custom, myth, public figures, and ‘all those who in one way or another are superior to themselves’ (Dover 1994:19). This paper applies Dover’s claim to Clouds, lines 43—45, where intricate perspectives on … Read moreElizabeth Grace Ridgeway

Amy Laughlin

Scandal and Political Divisions in the Late Roman Republic and Modern America Introduction In November 2014, when Texas Republican Ted Cruz depicted Democratic President Barack Obama as Catiline, he created an allusion that was possibly more meaningful than he realized. The Catilinarian conspiracy of 63 BCE was a long stretch from the current immigration reform … Read moreAmy Laughlin