Volume 1, Issue 2

On April 27, 2013, 7 undergraduates presented their research to an audience of faculty, students, fellows, and senior fellows at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, DC. This issue includes video from the April symposium.

“Faction Politics and the Transfer of Power at the Accession of Marcian (450 C.E.)”
Walter Beers, University of Richmond
Abstract | Paper and Video

“Harming Your Friends to Harm Your Enemies: Reading Achilles in Euripides’ Medea”
Florencia Foxley, Haverford College
Abstract | Paper and Video

“An Osteological and Historical Study of Three Roman Funerary Urns at the Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum Collection”
Monika Lay, Johns Hopkins University
Abstract | Paper and Video

“Nothing in Excess: Religious Moderation in Euripides’ Bacchae”
Kristen Roper, College of William and Mary
Abstract | Paper and Video

“Matriarchal Marketing: The Emperor, The Empress, and The Army”
Jenni Royce, University of South Florida
Abstract | Paper and Video

“Interpreting the VMFA’s Düver Terracottas”
Janelle Sadarananda, University of Richmond
Abstract | Paper and Video

“Narrative Structure in Pliny’s Epistulae: Letter 9.14 and the amicitia-arc”
Rachel Thomas, Ohio University
Abstract | Paper and Video

Editorial Board
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Julie Laskaris, University of Richmond;
Bret Mulligan, Haverford College;
Jessica Paga, College of William and Mary;
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Walter Stevenson, University of Richmond

Editorial Assistants,
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